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NOAH - Friends of the Earth Denmark

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What is NOAH?

NOAH is a non-profit, non-governmental environmental organisation.

NOAH aims to protect the environment by actively preventing environmental damage as well as fighting its root causes and pointing out alternatives.

NOAH works with environmental policy and we promote environmental education and awareness raising on changes in life-style necessary to save the environment.

NOAH works internationally and networks with grassroots organisations in many countries. We support the principle of 'environmental space', which means that every person in the world has the right (but not the duty) to use the same amount of natural resources and produce the same amount of pollution.


NOAH´s Structure

NOAH is a network of local groups all over Denmark. Some groups focus on local issues, others work on specific issues such as agriculture, energy, traffic, and water or on cross-cutting aspects such as education, publications (NOAH issues books, a magazine and a newsletter) or administration. Our work relies heavily on volunteers.

NOAH is registered as an independent, not for profit non-governmental organisation with headquarters in Copenhagen. The decision taking power lies solely with the members of the highly autonomous NOAH working groups. Decisions are taken by consensus.

NOAH is independent of any party political interests but works with politicians, government, NGOs and others concerned about the environment to achieve its goals by democratic means. Old Noah, the world's first known environmental activist, appears in our name, but NOAH is not a religious movement and we welcome everyone who shares our aims whatever his or her religion, nationality or status.



NOAH - FoE Denmark
Noerrebrogade 39, 1. tv
DK-2200 Copenhagen N
Tel: +45 35 36 12 12
Fax: +45 35 36 12 17
E-mail: noah@noah.dk
Skype: foedenmark


NOAH and the Friends of the Earth network

NOAH represents the Danish member of Friends of the Earth (FoE). We are member of both Friends of the Earth International and Friends of the Earth Europe.

Friends of the Earth International (FoEI) is a federation of autonomous environmental organisations from all continents with 73 national groups. The network campaigns on the most urgent environmental and social issues of our day, while simultaneously catalysing a shift toward sustainable societies. By sharing information, knowledge, skills and resources on both the bilateral and multilateral levels, Friends of the Earth national groups support each other's development and strengthen their international campaigns.

NOAH is furthermore member of Friends of the Earth Europe (FoEE) and chaired its Executive Committee from 2005 to 2006. FoEE is the largest grassroots environmental network in Europe. It aims at influencing European and EU policy and raising environmental awareness across the continent.

NOAH contributes to FoE campaigns and participates in shaping policies and discussions, e.g. at European public hearings.

For more information on the international FoE network, contact

FoE International Secretariat
P.O. Box 19100
1000GD Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 20 622 1369
Fax: +31 20 639 2181
E-mail: foeint@foei.org
Homepage: www.foei.org

FoE Europe
29, rue Blanche
Brussels B-1060
Tel: +32 2 542 0180
Fax: +32 2 537 5596
E-mail: info@foeeurope.org
Homepage: www.foeeurope.org


Other international networks

NOAH is also a member of Transport & Environment (T&E), The Seattle to Brussels (S2B) Network and INFORSE.


NOAH's International Group

Aims of the International Group
The International Group of NOAH has the following mission:
- To facilitate information flow between NOAH and the world-wide Friends of the Earth network
- To represent NOAH at international Friends of the Earth events and activities
- To inform the Danish public about international Friends of the Earth objectives and activities
- To cooperate with the international media
- To support NOAH groups in their international work.

Members of the International Group
- Pernille Hagedorn-Rasmussen (former chair of Friends of the Earth Europe Executive Committee), e-mail: pernille@noah.dk
- Bente Hesselund Andersen, e-mail: bente@noah.dk
- Jacob Sørensen, e-mail : jacob@noah.dk


International Activities

NOAH has initiated and contributed to many international activities. Some examples of such international work are as follows:
- Sustainainable Europe
- The Environemt and Eropean Paliament Election 2004
- Cooperation with Bulgarian NGO
- International conference on environment and the EU enlargement
- Involvement in the Social Forum

- Informing about risks of GMOs
- Putting spotlight on food and farming
- Publishing leaflet on traffic developments in the EU
- Development of the " ecological rucksack " concept
- Publishing leaflet on trade, environment and sustainability in the EU
- Participating the strategic planning and visioning process in the FoEI
- The Citizens' Deal against Climate Change.


Support NOAH

NOAH's activities are being supported by voluntary input from working group members, grants from governmental programmes and foundations, and donations. If you want to support NOAH's work, you can become a member of its working group and/or make a donation, either one-off or on a regular basis. For more information, please send a mail to noah@noah.dk.


NOAH supports Friends of the Earth cyberactions - e-mail actions and internet based activities that need support from concerned people. Read more about cyberactions on the Friends of the Earth Europe website and on the Friends of the Earth International webpage.


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Miljøbevægelsen NOAH, Nørrebrogade 39, 1. tv, 2200 København N
Tlf.: 35 36 12 12 - Fax: 35 36 12 17 - mail: noah@noah.dk