halloween funeral

Halloween action: funeral for industrial agriculture

Nørrebros Runddel St. (Metro)

Halloween is approaching, and there’s nothing more terrifying than an industrial agricultural system that pumps out greenhouse gases, drains biodiversity, fills the ground with pesticides and puts profits over people’s livelihoods.

We at the environmental movement NOAH are shaking in our boots!

Thankfully, the reign of the CAP - the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy - is coming to an end, as the policy gets reformed this year. The old CAP makes up 40% of the EU’s budget, and offers subsidies to farmers based on its own criteria. Currently, it rewards intensive agriculture and competition on international markets instead of small-scale, local production, or protection for the climate and biodiversity. Along with the Good Food Good Farming campaign (see goodfoodgoodfarming.eu), NOAH is asking for a new CAP that puts people and planet first.

We need to give industrial agriculture a proper send-off, so it doesn’t come back to haunt us. Join Ungdom NOAH as we wave goodbye to the ghost of industrial agriculture, and welcome in a new era of food sovereignty, nature-friendly food production and good livelihoods for farmers. 

We’ll be giving the old system a beautiful Halloween goodbye, giving out pumpkin “grave-soup”, holding speeches about the state of agriculture, and playing funeral music (feel free to bring a pot or pan to drum on!).


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