The struggle for food sovereignty


A critical take on the food system in a neoliberal area

The struggle for food sovereignty is a struggle for a more democratic food production, for the right to cultivate your own land and your own seeds in an environmental, political, and economical sustainable way. It’s a struggle against the monopolization of seeds, food dependency and poverty and against climate change. It’s a struggle for climate justice and for agriculture which values people and the planet higher than profit for the few.

The struggle for food sovereignty is inherently a challenge to the overarching ideology of neoliberalism. It’s a question of who’s in control of land and food and who has the power to decide how - and if - to act on the threat from climate change.

This evening will focus on the struggle for food sovereignty, climate justice and sustainability from a global and structural perspective focusing on the struggle, the causes of the crises and possible alternatives to the status quo. Climate justice and food sovereignty are not geographically limited struggles, and hopefully this evening will make it clearer how we can link the situation in Zimbabwe and Kenya to a Danish and more global context, and what we can do to change things.

Join us for a debate which will bring together different perspectives from both Denmark and the South-Eastern Africa.

• La Via Campesina, Southern and Eastern Africa
• Nanna Clifforth, Friends of the Earth Denmark - NOAH and activist in Klimakollektivet
• Christian Poll, spokesperson on climate, environment and agriculture for The Alternative party

The event will be in English. Participation is free, but please sign up by sending an email to ma@afrika.dk. For more info: https://www.facebook.com/events/1024413331068902/


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